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Why Europe?

Molecules are not restricted by national boundaries.

“Antidote” denotes the solution to a problem – before it’s too late. Although we are all exposed to the risks posed by tens of thousands of chemical molecules in the environment, the solution lies in assessing the toxic potential of these substances in a reliable manner and then banning the most dangerous ones. Thanks to our Scientific Toxicology Programme, the solution is partly underway.

“Europe” because molecules are not restricted by national boundaries and pollution is a worldwide phenomenon. However, before creating an “Antidote International”, it is necessary to begin by spreading our message within the EU establishment, since its decisions and directives influence the national laws of all the member states. This seems workable as an initial goal, especially as our president is also a scientific adviser to a UK-based organisation (Safer Medicines Campaign) and is in contact with numerous other EU groups as well.